Laser refractive eye surgery is an exciting prospect that allows many to go without traditional means of vision correction, such as glasses and contact lenses. However, not everyone is a viable candidate to safely undergo these procedures.

Are You A Candidate?

EyeCare Niagara can help you begin the process of refractive surgery by offering a conversation about your visual goals and eye health. We do an evaluation of whether or not you may be suited to surgery, in general.

Preoperative Evaluation

If, after this initial consultation, it is determined that laser eye surgery could be an appropriate solution, we will move forward with a more thorough assessment of your eyes. This will be a preoperative evaluation which includes a variety of tests, a review of your ocular health and refractive stability, as well as counselling on the various surgical options available.

Once the preoperative evaluation is complete, we can determine whether or not to go ahead with the surgery. If the decision is to continue, we will forward all of your information to a reputable refractive surgeon, and a pre-surgery consultation with them will be scheduled. We will continue to counsel you on more specific details of the surgery you will be undergoing to help you prepare.

After your surgery has been completed, the team at EyeCare Niagara will provide all post-operative care to aid you in managing your recovery. We will schedule a number of follow-up appointments to ensure that the healing process is going well and your recovery is proceeding as expected.

If you are interested in undergoing laser eye surgery, book your first consultation with us here.