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At EyeCare Niagara, we value taking the time to get to know our patients so that we can better understand the scope of their eye care needs. We leverage our knowledge of optical technology as well as frames, lenses, and other treatments to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible.

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Troubles with your vision can compromise your well being in many ways. At EyeCare Niagara, we understand and strive to help you find the optimal solution so that you can focus on your life. Our exceptional eye services and exams paired with our excellent selection of frames and lenses show that we strive for quality – always.

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Our comprehensive eye exams are vital to gaining an accurate understanding of your eye health. By taking the time to have a full, comprehensive eye exam at least once a year, you can be sure that your optometrist gains the information about your eyes they need to best protect your visual health.

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Dr. DenBak & Associates have both a thorough and contemporary understanding of contact lens technology and its applications. We can help you to find the best fit for your vision and lifestyle when it comes to contact lenses, and we always take the time to fully address any questions or concerns you may have.

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Do you experience eyes that are sore, tired, watery, or irritated? You may have chronically dry eyes. Dry eyes may cause many different symptoms, and can also be managed through different means depending on the root cause. We can help you discover relief with a variety of solutions.

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