EyeCare Niagara’s contact lens exams and fittings are perfectly suited to anyone who is:

  • Wanting to explore alternatives to glasses or other methods of vision correction
  • Needing to go without glasses for certain activities, such as sports or at work
  • Currently using contact lenses but interested to know what new or better options are available

Finding the Perfect Fit

Contact lenses are a convenient vision correction option, but only if they are well-fitted. Not only can improperly fit contact lenses be uncomfortable and impact your ability to see – they can also actually injure your eye. Never settle for less when it comes to choosing the right contact lenses.

The optometrists at EyeCare Niagara use very specific tools and tests to gain precise measurements of your eyes. Our process ensures comfort and clarity.

The Exam

First, we go through a comprehensive exam. We assess whether your eyes are healthy enough to use contact lenses effectively, and ensure that contact lenses are an appropriate vision correction solution for you and your lifestyle.

We also use a variety of tests to determine your proper contact lens prescription. This will be different from the prescription you use in your glasses.

Second, we measure your eyes with extreme precision to find their exact dimensions. By discerning the size and shape of your corneas, we are able to decide on the right type, shape, size, and brand of contact lenses for you.

Third, we send you home with a trial pair of contact lenses to use. These will be the exact prescription, size, type, and brand that we have determined will be the best fit for your eyes – but the true determining factor is how they fare in use.

We will schedule a follow up appointment to assess the results of your trial and address any questions or concerns you may have. If you discover any issues with your trial pair, we will adjust accordingly until you are happy with your new lenses.

A Safe & Convenient Alternative

Come in and discover the powerful potential of utilizing contact lenses.

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