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Protect Your Vision by Being Proactive

It is ideal that you have your eyes examined approximately once a year. There are a few reasons behind this, one of the most important being that your optometrist can monitor for diseases that may cost you your sight. Most common eye diseases, such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), do not present symptoms before vision loss begins.

Eye Exams with EyeCare Niagara

As we age, our eyes become more susceptible to different complications and health issues. In many cases, once vision loss has begun, it is usually irreversible.

By having your eyes examined regularly by an optometrist, should evidence of disease be discovered, we can help to monitor progression and provide strategies to slow it down. Better yet, we can help you to assess your risk for developing such complications in the first place, and educate on preventative measures.

Don’t risk your vision: keep up with your eye health and set your sights on the future.

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During Your Eye Exam…

Your optometrist will:

  • Speak with you about your overall health, gather information on any personal or family history of health complications, and ask questions to gain a general picture of your ocular and systemic health. This helps us to assess any risk factors that may be present.
  • Perform a variety of individualized tests, and any additional checks deemed necessary to accurately determine the health of your eyes.
  • Address any needs for vision correction or changes to your prescription.
  • Take time to answer any other questions you may have.

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